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Learn to be a TakeCHARGE Ambassador and offer Presentations in Your Community!
Deadline to Register is           June 8th 2024

Become a TakeCHARGE Ambassador!

A TakeCHARGE Ambassador is a facilitator who can teach the simple but effective “5 Steps” of the Campaign — potentially life-saving information — to members of the community (who may become clients or even friends.)

Your own career goals and information can become part of a bigger presentation within the TakeCHARGE Campaign: 5 Steps to Safer Health Care presentation. Or, just become a TakeCHARGE Ambassador by learning the 5 Steps and how to present them to a variety of audiences.

No experience is necessary, but you must complete the TakeCHARGE Ambassador training.

The Training includes:

  • Tips to presenting TakeCHARGE Campaign: 5 Steps to Safer Health Care

  • TakeCHARGE 5 Steps information facts and stories

  • PowerPoint presentation

  • A full script to use with PowerPoint

  • A full script to use without PowerPoint

  • Sample, ready-to-use marketing tools and press release that you are a TakeCHARGE Ambassador 

  • Evaluation for audience members to complete

TakeCHARGE Ambassadors will be required to complete the training and agree to report where the program will be shared and how many people attended. They must also ensure that participant evaluations are completed.  TakeCHARGE can be part of a larger presentation such as:

  • Advocacy services

  • Caregiver services

  • Healthcare professionals

TakeCHARGE is great for schools, libraries, senior centers, and any place people gather!

Preregistration is required and you must plan to attend all three sessions. 

Group starts Tuesdays, June 11th, June 18th and June 25th at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Fee: Pulse Members $45   Nonmembers $65.

Deadline is June 8th to register.


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