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Healthcare Equality

Prioritizing Patient Safety in Vulnerable Populations

Dedicated to enhancing the quality and safety of medical care for vulnerable populations, the Pulse Healthcare Equality Project is an independent, community-driven initiative. Our focus lies on ethnic and racial minorities, those with specific diseases, and marginalized communities. If you're seeking informative speakers for your organization, reach out at (516) 579-4711.

​Expanding Our Reach, Impacting Lives
We're always open to collaborating with new groups. To explore partnership opportunities, get in touch at (516) 579-4711 or utilize our contact form.


A Vision Born from Purpose

The Healthcare Equality Project, formerly known as The Long Island Patient Safety Advisory Council, was sparked by Pulse President Ilene Corina's participation in the National Patient Safety Foundation / American Hospital Association Patient Safety Leadership Training. Originating as her "Action Learning Project," this initiative aims to comprehend the challenges faced by healthcare system users in accessing safe, quality care. We acknowledge the support of The Long Island Unitarian Universalist Fund, Nassau Suffolk Hospital Council, and North Shore LIJ Health System in shaping this endeavor.

Advocate with Confidence | Oscar Bruce | TEDxAdelphiUniversity

Discover the power of confidence as your form of advocacy through Oscar Bruce's insightful TEDxAdelphiUniversity talk. Explore our Pulse CPSEA Community Outreach initiative, "Ask for Your Life."

Read more about The HCE Project here.

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