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Highlighted Members:

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Who would benefit from joining Pulse?


Caregivers, patient advocates and anyone who uses the healthcare system!

At Pulse, we define “advocate” broadly, as including not only professional patient advocates, but anyone who assists and supports a person receiving medical care.

Membership Benefits

  • Two coupons (value $50) for Pulse's online Advocate Academy

  • Discounts on Pulse symposium and other programs

  • Use of Pulse logo on your website and social media

  • Private, members-only discussion forums, resources and other support

  • Opportunities to represent Pulse

  • Opportunities to “spotlight” articles, blogs and experiences

  • Access to other members for support

About Pulse Members Area

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Discover featured members and exclusive articles, and network with like-minded members. Build a personalized profile to connect and collaborate with passionate individuals dedicated to patient advocacy. Engage in meaningful discussions through forums and groups. Together, we drive positive change in health care. Join us and amplify your impact in making health care safer!

Check out some of our previously featured members!

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