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Become a Pulse Family Centered Patient Advocate

All participants who receive a 70% or higher on the post-test will receive a certificate of completion and use the Pulse FCPA logo on websites and social media.


Those who wish to hone their skills further will receive support through virtual meetings and practice sessions.


Trained FCPA Advocates may be listed on the Pulse website as a “Pulse Advocate” at no charge.

About Pulse Family Centered Patient Advocate Training

Navigating the healthcare system is complex. No one should do this alone. As  a family member decides to take on the role as a caregiver for a loved one entering the healthcare system, there is much to learn about their role as a support person.  Some people decide to become professional patient advocates when they realize that the skills they gained as the patient’s advocate can actually turn into a career.  

Before becoming a professional patient advocate, or actively assisting others as a patient advocate either paid or unpaid, participants will have an opportunity to check their skills and knowledge in the topics covered in this course, such as:

  • Navigating the healthcare system 

  • Who's who in healthcare

  • Avoiding falls, infection, surgical errors and diagnostic errors

  • Compassionate communication

  • Recognizing bias

The “Family” in Family Centered Patient Advocacy (FCPA) recognizes that a patient advocate may need to support a whole family when someone is newly diagnosed, injured, in need of medical care and treatment, or just aging.


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See What They Are Saying!

Chira B.

"Everyone should take the advocacy training.  It prepared me in helping my loved ones to understand that they need to take charge when it comes to navigating the healthcare system and the importance of awareness of patient safety in controlling the quality of their care."      

David F.

"PULSE's Patient Advocacy Training provided an exceptional learning experience!  The experts packed each session with great insights and fun exercises to anchor the information.  Using the knowledge and tools developed in the class, I was amazed at how quickly my advocacy skills improved!  This is "must have" training for anyone committed to becoming an effective patient advocate!" 

Sima M.

"Nearly everyone starts as a patient and ends as a patient.  In between, we may be called on to be advocates for friends and family members, or to find an advocate who can speak for us.  As a FCPA participant, I learned how to help others navigate the healthcare system and how best to support their healthcare goals.  The skills I learned helped me facilitate important conversations within my own family, and to help my own parents when they needed someone to advocate on their behalf.  I highly recommend this training!"  

See What Participants Have Said:

"The case studies really helped to actually be in the advocates shoes and think on the spot. Great Class!"





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