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Kathy Casale

Pulse: Kathy, what is your role at Pulse?
KC: I am a Board member and avid supporter.
Pulse: What’s your profession apart from serving on the Pulse Board?
KC: I’m the owner of Sea Star Strategy, which provides digital and traditional marketing for emerging and established businesses.
Pulse: How long have you been involved with Pulse?
KC: I’ve known about Pulse for about seven years, and I’ve been actively involved for 18 months.
Pulse: And why are you involved?
KC: The Pulse mission has never been more important than it is today. I have respected Ilene Corina and the Pulse mission since the day I met her.
What is it about that mission that you think people should know about?
KC: If you have not already had the need for Pulse services or suggestions, you most likely will at some point, for yourself or a loved one.  Two years ago, during the height of COVID, my husband had a brain bleed which yielded a clot the size of a golf ball. The initial prognosis was dim. Thanks to the talented and wonderful surgeon and Pulse guidance, he has gotten through this ordeal with almost no residual effects. Since this happened in the middle of COVID and I was not allowed access to the hospital to be by his side, Pulse guided me in the best way to handle the situation. I believe without that guidance, my husband would not have had the vigilant care required to bring him through this medical emergency successfully.
So, my advice: learn more about patient safety and patient advocacy now, BEFORE you or a loved one needs it.





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