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Susan Capurso

Pulse board member Susan Capurso of East End Doula Care is an end-of-life doula and legacy specialist.

Pulse: We know you have done your “East End Doula Care” end-of-life work for some time, but it looks like you offer several other services now?

SC: Yes – these are legacy projects. The most recent is “Forever My Voice”. People tell me they’d give anything just to hear a loved one’s voice again. Forever My Voice allows older people to make a two-hour recording via Zoom of them speaking as if to that person. It’s almost like a love-letter to your loved one. It’s profound.”

Pulse: How long have you been involved with Pulse?

SC: My journey into this field began ten years ago when I tragically lost my husband to the flu. This 55-day experience by his bedside led me to realize the critical need for better support and advocacy in such challenging times. I connected with Ilene Corina of Pulse through a friend's recommendation. Under her guidance, I underwent a transformative weekend advocacy course that profoundly expanded my understanding and skills. I guess I’ve been involved with Pulse for perhaps three years. I believe in what Ilene does, and that we all need this — for ourselves, for our families and friends, or our clients if we are professional.

Pulse: What do you see as your role at Pulse?

SC: At first, I didn’t know how my role would unfold. I did an end-of-life video for the Academy. Then, there were openings on the Board, and Ilene asked if I would step up and help in some way, and things have just unfolded.

Pulse: Suppose you met someone who had never heard of Pulse. What would you want them to know about it?

SC: It’s an enlightening experience to become involved with Pulse, because they’re all about educating you and helping you learn the little nuances of being a personal advocate for a family member or friend. I use what I’ve learned with my professional clients too, as a doula: I needed to learn more about being a person’s advocate, and Pulse is the best way to do that. It’s something that everybody needs to think about.





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