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Kira King, PhD, BCPA

Pulse: What is your profession or company?

KK: I am a consultant – a freelance learning experience designer. I consult with organizations to identify a need, and then I build either face-to-face or online training to meet that specific need. I specialize in the healthcare industry where I build online simulations to train clinicians in critical decision-making and communication skills. Essentially, I’m a story-teller, but the stories I create are strategic experiences that guide learners towards those targeted insights.

Pulse: How did you get involved volunteering with and advising Pulse?

KK: David Fielding (also a Pulse volunteer) found me at a conference, and I mentioned that I wanted to build some case-based training in patient advocacy. I’m also a Board-Certified Patient Advocate. I don’t practice professionally as an advocate, but I’ve been a family caregiver for 20+ years, and what I wanted to do was take those learning-experience skills, take the advocacy, and create something and create some training that would be storytelling-based, case-based. And that’s when David said, “Hey, we’re opening up ACES, we want it to be case-based: would you come on board and help produce those webinars every month?”

So that’s what I do; I love it, I love working with my colleagues through ACES and Pulse, and getting to meet more of our community. Every month I work with the subject-matter experts who will be speaking, to make sure that the learning experience will have the right flow. This time I was helpful in redoing their PowerPoints so they’d be more visually appealing.

Pulse: Finally, if you were going to talk about Pulse to someone who knew nothing about it, what would you tell them? What would you want them to know?

KK: I’d want them to know about the passionate group of professionals and the community they’ve created, really focusing on enhancing patients’ knowledge so that we all can be better advocates for ourselves and for others, with the overall goal of improving the quality and safety of health care.





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