Community Outreach
We are seeking volunteer committee members to assist in building public awareness of Pulse CPSEA and the promotion of the Pulse mission. Join us in our ongoing search to find potential partners

and organizations with which to share patient safety information. Work with

Pulse staff in developing and implementing an outreach campaign.

If you have 2 – 4 hours a month to give to this important cause, you may want

to participate here.

Fundraising and Special Events
Volunteers are needed to assist in all aspects of special event planning. Join Pulse in exploring new potential events as well as assisting in the planning of our annual events, a comedy fundraiser and a symposium. Our goal is to raise funds to ensure sustainability while generating awareness and support of our organization and its mission. We are looking for individuals to help make it happen.

Professionals for Patient Safety (PPS)
This lively group of medical professionals, patient advocates and family caregivers shares information about patient safety at monthly meetings. A great place to seek ideas and assistance in what matters to you. Guest presenters are encouraged. PPS is also the Pulse speaker’s bureau.

Train to be a Patient’s Advocate
Check out our next training and you may be listed on our website as a

resource for people looking for advocates locally or to help Pulse 

with advocacy services.

Policy and Process
Developing and updating the policies of any organization is important, and at Pulse we are always finding new and better ways to run the organization and offer services. If you are interested in developing policies and looking at the structure of the organization as it grows and matures, then this may be the place for you. Just three to four hours a month and you can come out with a finished product!

Board Members
The Board of Directors has a responsibility for the general oversight of the organization, including the development of business plans and policy objectives. The Board of Directors also has the duty of financial oversight, promoting financial stability and implementing business strategy. Board members are asked to spend about four to six hours a month on Pulse policy and growth.

Advisory Board
Pulse Distinguished Advisors are called upon for advice and guidance in areas related to the Pulse mission and vision. If you are willing to share your expertise for a few hours a year, this is where you may want to be.

Again, to learn more about any of these programs or to discuss where you might fit in, please call 516.579.4711 or e-mail pulsecpsea@gmail.com for an application.

PULSECenter for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy


Would you like to help Pulse CPSEA as a volunteer? Where do you belong?

Take a look at some of our committees and activities below to see where your interests and skills best match.

Thanks for you interest in helping our mission!