Teens and Young Adults


Becoming an Informed and Involved I-Patient is a program that helps

children as young as twelve years old understand their roles as informed

and involved patients.

As soon as a child has plans for surgery or is injured playing sports, he or she is a candidate for pain medication dependency.  In this program children learn early what it means to take medication as prescribed through a discussion they can have with the adults and clinicians in their lives.

We cover other topics  such as:

  • Preparing questions before visiting your doctor
  • Conversations to have while alone with your doctor
  • Using accurate words not exaggerated words when describing symptoms
  • Medication safety 

Young people will learn about health literacy and communication skills, all in a fun and interactive environment.
Because the program is interactive, it’s best held in the classroom with smaller groups.

To book a program for your classroom, youth group or community event, call Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy at 516-579-4711 or send an e-mail to icorina@pulsecenterforpatientsafety.org.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for planning

PULSECenter for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy