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January 2017 - Welcome in the New Year

February 2017 - Conflict Resolution Discussion at PPS Meeting

March 2017 - Patient Safety Awareness Week

April 2017   - Healthcare Decisions Day

May 2017 - Remembering Orlando

June 2017 - Remembering Orlando Follow Up

July 2017 - Comedy Show Tickets on Sale

August 2017 - Teach Back

September 2017 - Preparing for a Hospital Stay

October 2017 Part I - Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Racial Disparities

​    October 2017 Part II - Breast Cancer and Misdiagnosis

​    October 2017 Part III - Breast Cancer and Infection Prevention

November 2017  Opinion: The 'Opioid Crisis' Needs More Than a Public Health Emergency Declaration

December 2017  New Tool for Protecting and Supporting Patients in Hospital

​    December 2017  Are You Prepared to be a Patient Advocate or Assistant​