About Pulse Center for Patient Safety

Education & Advocacy

PULSECenter for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy


Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy (Pulse CPSEA) is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 community-based organization dedicated to raising awareness about patient safety through advocacy, education and support.


Pulse CPSEA envisions a world in which the patient’s voice is heard and no one is harmed by healthcare.


In our work with patients, families and communities Pulse CPSEA values effective communication, respect, diversity, accountability, honesty, teamwork, compassion, and above all safety.

Since 1996 Pulse CPSEA has been educating the public about patient safety. Our advocacy training empowers the patient, and the family and friends of the patient, to partner with their health care providers, helping to ensure the best possible outcomes in a person’s medical care.

Pulse CPSEA:

• Provides support to patients and families who have experienced medical errors or adverse events
• Assists in reducing misunderstandings between patients and healthcare providers
• Educates the community about safe, quality healthcare practices so they may become knowledgeable,

confident, and active participants in their health care experience
• Provides a platform for effective communication and working partnerships whereby the community works

with healthcare providers and institutions to proactively contribute to, and advocate for safe quality care

Pulse CPSEA Representatives:

• Encourage advocacy, partnership and education in healthcare
• Offer support, peer counseling and friendship
• Encourage the use of real life stories in provider and community education
• Do not use the names of facilities or healthcare providers publicly
• Do not give legal or medical advice or referrals
• Only give public statements to the press that adhere to our mission
• Do not share information discussed at meetings with non-participants
• Do not look for, or call potential clients unless asked to by immediate family or representative when appropriate

Pulse CPSEA HistoryOur roots began in 1996 at the South Nassau Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Freeport, LI as a support group and part of the Social Action Committee. Pulse still receives in kind support from this congregation.