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The people and organizations listed below have taken the Pulse CPSEA training. We list these contacts as a courtesy to the community we serve and to those who have shown an interest in patient safety and advocacy services. There is no fee to be listed.

Beverly R. James RN,BSN
President/Director of Clinical Services
Long Island Care at Home, Ltd.
Email: Bjames@licareathome.com
Website: licareathome.com

"I have long been a believer of patients fully participating in their care. That is why I chose to become a visiting nurse and ultimately open my own home care agency. Patients are the hub of the health care wheel and a wheel cannot turn without that hub/axle. We all are patients at one time or another and we usually have voice why not as a patient? I took the PULSE Advocacy training so I could help a person articulate their concerns/desires."

Julia Jenne
Email: jjenne@utopiahomecare.com
Website: utopiahomecare.com
Coverage Areas: Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties
Service Offerings: Home visits, Hospital visit advocacy, Clinicians office advocacy, Telephone support, Care coordination (for the patient's family and friends)

"I am a certified senior adviser who can consult with a family upon a patient's discharge from a hospital or rehab and coordinate aging in place resources and services."

Sima Matthes
Email: yourcareadvocate@gmail.com  
Coverage Areas: Nassau and Suffolk Counties
Service Offerings: Hospital visit advocacy, Clinicians office advocacy, Telephone support

"I am firmly committed to making sure that patients are heard--even when they can't speak--and understood, even if they aren't clear. I am focused on helping meet the needs of families whose loved ones need help getting the care they need at every point along their medical continuum."

Kathie Trimble
Email: KTrimble6869@yahoo.com
Coverage Areas: Nassau County 
Service Offerings: Home visits, Hospital visit advocacy, Clinicians office advocacy, Telephone support, Care coordination (for the patient's family and friends), Medication coordination

"I am at New York State registered nurse with an emergency room background and I also have hospice experience. I chose nursing as a second career in order to care and advocate for patients based on my personal experiences. I am very passionate about my work and feel that my medical knowledge can be very helpful and useful to advocate for others."


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The purpose of this listing is to certify that someone representing each company named above — or each individual person who is listed — has completed the amount of training required for listing on this website. The choices you make about who to use for yourself or family are personal choices. Please consider your needs or the needs of the patient before signing any contract or developing a relationship.

Pulse CPSEA accepts no liability for any agreements or arrangements between the above-named people, companies or organizations. Pulse CPSEA assumes no responsibility for choices made by those parties in the delivery of their services. Listings on this website do not imply any endorsement of services or guarantee of the quality of care. Pulse CPSEA does not offer any warranties of the services or content of the websites listed.