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Why become a family-centered patient advocate?

Patients who are injured, sick, in need of surgery or

a medical procedure, or just have ailing bodies may

not be in a position to be active in their care and they

may need to focus all their energy on getting well.

For this reason an advocate or “helper” is crucial

to the patient's care. But what exactly does an

advocate do? Who would make a good advocate?

The person who loves the patient most may not be

the best advocate. His or her emotions may get in

the way of good communication and clear decision


Family-Centered Patient Advocacy Training will prepare

you to be an advocate for one person or the whole family.

Topics include:
• Communication skills
• History of patient safety
• Reducing patient re-admissions
• Help reduce the possibility of injury from falls, infection, medication errors and much more

Participants who take this training will have continued access to the instructors for at least one year to assist in decision making and support . Anyone who takes this training may also register for future refresher training for up to two years at a reduced fee, as far as space allows.

- Registration is required, no walk-ins.
- Group rates are available.
- We will design training specifically for the people you serve.


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Registration Now Open for October Classes

October 12th , 19th and 26th 6:00 PM to 9:00PM

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