Advanced Directives
The Living Will Registry

Healthcare Proxy
Print and complete with someone you trust. A healthcare proxy is not the same as an advocate.  See our brochure, Advanced Directives and Speaking to Young People.

​Patient Advocate Check List  
The Patient Advocate Checklist helps explain the role of the 
advocate and the needs of the patient. An advocate is not the same as the 
healthcare proxy.  This information is from the book Family Centered Patient 
Advocacy which was written in collaboration with some of the finest leaders 
in patient safety.

Quick Guide for the Advocate
You have been asked to help a friend or family member. You aren't sure

to do, and don't have time to prepare. Here is a quick guide to patient safety.

Personal Medical Diary (history)
Medical history and doctor's names. Print as many as you want and put them in a folder or binder.

Personal Medical Diary (medication/procedures)
Medication, procedures and surgery. Print as many as you want and put them in a folder or binder. Watch this space for more info to come.

The Designated Medication Manager (DMM)
Coming soon: a guide to having someone help you as your Designated Medication
Manager (DMM).

Nursing Home Compare
Nursing Home Compare has detailed information about every Medicare
and Medicaid-certified nursing home in the country.

Family Centered Patient Advocacy, A Training Manual
One action every patient and prospective patient should take is to appoint a patient advocate before one is actually needed. This manual is a tool that answers some basic questions about how to advocate effectively for your friend or family when they need you most.

Critical Communication: Using Plain Language to Reduce Medical Errors
Coming soon: a guide to using Critical Communication to improve the ways patients, their families and health care providers relate to one another in speech, in writing and through non-verbal behavior.


Prepare for the Hospital Visit
This information will help you prepare items to take when visiting the patient.

PULSECenter for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy


To learn how to interface better with specific or vulnerable populations. For additional resources, go to our Healthcare Equality Project website.


US Health and Human Services HIPAA
25 page summary of HIPAA


Information to share

STARS card
When seeing your clinician be as accurate as possible when describing your symptoms, 

and think STARS.

Patient Safety Flag (.jpg / .gif / .png)
This flag connects all people who are patients, were patients, or may someday be patients, and symbolizes the expectation that their care will be patient-centered and safe. (To be used as a promotional tool)

Help for the Patient Safety Advocate